Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Bristol Bar & Grille

The Bristol Bar & Grille in Louisville, KY is a great example of the restaurant industry taking the initiative to support local farmers. The Bristol has been in business since 1977 and currently has 5 restaurant locations. They have had a long history of working with local farmers and are currently working closely with the Farm to Table program to keep that history alive today. The Farm to Table program has been a key ingredient to increasing the availability of local products to the Bristol Bar & Grille.  In 2011 the Bristol committed to putting a Kentucky Proud Feature of the Day on their menu, which features a dish made primarily with local ingredients daily. In addition to the Kentucky Proud Feature of the Day the Bristol also offers 4 other menu items that represent local farms and their products on a regular basis. To learn more just follow the link below to watch an interview with T.J. Oakley, the G.M. of Bristol Bar & Grille Downtown!

Also check out the Bristol Bar & Grille website: 

Grasshoppers Distribution

Grasshoppers Distribution is a wholesale food distribution business in Louisville, KY that purchases products from over 70 farmers in Kentucky and Southern Indiana; they were able to purchase around $550,000 worth of products from local farmers in 2011 alone! They purchase local produce, meats, cheeses, breads, and more from local producers and distribute these products to local consumers, restaurants, and growing institutional markets. Grasshoppers Distribution provides a reliable market that guarantees local farmers a certain amount of business each year through continuous planning and support. They are dedicated to supporting local farmers and to connecting consumers with local foods. To learn more just follow the link below to watch an interview with Ellen McGeeney, the President of Grasshoppers Distribution!

Check out the Grasshoppers website: