Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome back to the Market Ready blog!

It has been over a year since our last update and its time we jumped back into things. There are a lot of exciting topics we would like to cover this coming year in order to help guide producers and buyers toward more productive and meaningful relationships.

 Here is a look ahead at what you have to look forward to:
  • Meet the buyer – a featurette of a leader in local food purchasing. We will take a look at their local foods promotion programs, business functions they consider “keys to success” in working with local producers/vendors, as well as examining their perspective on the future of the local food to market outlook.
  • From Farmers Market to commercial sales:  stories, and techniques for success
  • Market Ready Everywhere! Stories showcasing the market ready program as it spreads from state to state.
  • Packaging featurette – how to information for using PRCs and other customized packaging
  • A conversation with Ashton Wright and Sarah Fritschner – Lexington/ Louisville Farm to Table Coordinators
  • Micro processing in home
  • KY’s Restaurant Rewards program:  how it can benefit you.
In addition to these topics we would like to make this blog a ready reference for producers on how to best transition into larger markets. With this in mind there will be plenty of information shared to help guide you along on your farm expansion journey. These topics will cover information regarding communication and relationship building, packaging, labeling, pricing, supply, delivery, storage, invoicing, insurance, and much, much more.

As you can see there is a lot to talk about!

Thank you for joining us as we endeavor to extend knowledge and change lives!

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 See you next time.

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