Thursday, January 3, 2013

Packaging Matters

Came across a great feature in Food Processing - "Gourmet Packages Team Substance With Style" by Kate Connolly.

Skim at:

Many nice links and examples.

This article reminds us that packaging is such an important part of the product and building brand identity.  Many of our local processed foods involve small batches and artisan creations that lend themselves perfectly to appetites of certain consumers.  But the packaging needs to convey the product's handmade qualities - especially if you are selling in a busy retail venue.  Otherwise, your product can easily get lost in the ocean of commercial substitute products without ever providing a signal that the package contains something very special.

Many small scale, start-up food entrepreneurs are reluctant to make the necessary investments in packaging and presentation.  Packaging can become expensive, but look for help.  KDA has some great cost-sharing programs to help with logo and package design, providing a nice boost to your merchandising dollar.

See the application at:

We discuss these programs in our MarketReady trainings.  I'm going to attempt to bring along some nice examples of how producers have used this program to upgrade their own packaging in some future blogs posts.  It's a competitive marketspace.  Under-investing in packaging and presentation means underselling the product.

Keep in mind - good packaging will contribute to

1. Higher first trial rates
2. Higher repeat sales and inventory turns
3. Artisan reputation effects - including product referrals
4. Higher retailer interest in supporting your product
5. In many cases - ability for you to charge "artisan" prices

Finally - has many good resources for commercial packaging - everything from glass to cryovac to bar code printers.  Check out the site.

Happy New Year to All - and great food marketing successes for 2013!


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