Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Hot in 2013? More "local" food!

A new press release from our good friends at the National Restaurant Association confirming chef perspectives on what will be hot in 2013 - - local everything!

Locally sourced meats/seafood and local produce are #1 and #2 again for this coming year.  Hyper-local (restaurant gardens) at #7 and farm/estate branded items at #11 make the top 20 again.  Food trucks cracked the top 20 this year - something I hope we will see a lot more of in our local food community in Kentucky soon - and good opportuities for local farmers.

The other rising theme worth noting - restaurants want to do a better job reaching kids - heathful kids meals, children's nutrition, fruit and vegetable side items for kids were each noted among what will be hot in 2013. 

See even more detail at:

What's Hot 2013 top five food trends

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