Friday, March 4, 2011

Bath County Marketing Center on the Launching Pad

Held our MR trainings at Bath County this week.  Excellent turnout.  Sheep cheese, asparagus, interesting cattle breeds, the egg cooperative, many other interesting ventures pushing forward.

The Bath County Marketing Center looks fantastic.  Very attractive retail space.  It'll be a nice place to showcase a variety of Kentucky products.  The market manager has been hustling to line up vendors.  They're targeting an April start.  I know those attending our training were impressed.  The Bath County leadership is to be commended for all the hard work getting this facility in place.

Be sure to swing by for your own look whenever you're headed by Owingsville.

And don't forget to beautiful commercial kitchen facilities there.  Our MR crew was fixing to feast on some spectacular pie from Clear Creek Restaurant in Salt Lick, KY.  Check them out on Facebook.  Yes, MR friends, even these folks are fast buzzing on Facebook.  Thanks for the great food both nights.

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