Wednesday, March 9, 2011

National Grocers Association 2011 Consumer Survey Report

Here it is.  Hot off the press.  What 1718 U.S. chief shoppers are saying they are looking for in their primary grocery store.

It's interesting reading, easy to skim.  Download the report at -

Here's what jumped out at me - One of the questions asked "What improvements do you want to see at your primary food store?"  Top of the list ----- "More locally grown foods" (by 44% of primary shoppers)!  (see p 21 of the report)

Of course we knew that, didn't we.  This is the first year this improvement has taken the top spot in the list.  Evidentally it came in at 41% last year.  And the study notes that this trend is driven by the largest spenders in the survey.  So the big spenders really want your local products - these folks indicated more locally grown foods to the tune of 67%.

Do you think the grocers are noticing this?  Stay by your phones, producers.

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