Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chaney's Milk Joins Local Dairy Options at Houchens

Hooray for Carl and Debra Chaney.

After a long road of great perseverence, their milk is now on the shelves at Houchen's and hopefully at a grocer near you.  We've talked about their ice cream in MR and the efforts they've made to brand their products.

Chaney's has had a long reputation as a destination market - agritourism sort of venture.  Carl does a super job with the kids and it's a good revenue source for them.  Moving into a branded product on the retail shelf is a big step for them.  And for Houchens.  But it shows the interest retailers have in stocking products they can feature as 'local'.

Check out the Chaney's home page.  Note the KY Proud label and the big Houchens announcement.

There's an interesting label story here, too.  Had a conversation with Roger Snell from KDA earlier today and he pointed out how Houchens worked with the Chaney's to develop a clearer label for the milk.  The original label (see their site) is cute, creative, and fun, but tough to read in a 5 second pass by the dairy case.

Nice story in the SOKY from Bowling Green.  Free magazine.  Can't seem to find on-line versions of the story and Roger wouldn't let me take his.  Find a copy and read all about it.

Let me know if you see their milk in a store near you.

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