Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Billboard Food Buzz

Rival Food Messages in Lexington KY

This was kind of an interesting observation on Nicholasville Road in Lexington KY this summer.  Wondering how consumers are processing the various food messages.  This photo captures three very interesting messages embraced by consumers today.

1.  Eat Local - The Good Foods Coop and KY Dept of Ag making their pitch to embrace local foods, eat something healthy, support your local producers.  GFC doesn't typically push for billboard ads, so I was impressed to see such a high profile merchandsing effort.

2.  McDonalds - "Crafted for your craving" - is this supposed to communicate a message of 'artisan' fast food targeted to the Fast Food Nation?  Interesting contrast.  Huge sandwich the size of a billboard next to a piece of watermelon.

3.  Notice in the foreground the sign for the European Food Market.  This is about as non-local as you can get.  Having spent a year in Ukraine, I'm actually drawn to this store.  They have things most other grocers won't.  Americans are drawn to variety and unique foods.  Food Channel shows, increased travel, and pretty good restaurants featuring all sorts of ethnic foods open these windows to new culinary experiences.

Just thought this was a fun thing to catch in a picture.  Any thoughts?

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